Venkatesh p

In methemoglonbinemia once I v methylenebmethylene blue is given , how do we monitor the response to treatment? Clinical symptoms ?

05-May-2017   1 Threads   12:24 am


Clinical symptoms of hypoxemia are usually seen. The onset of symptoms vary from 15 min to one hour, when it is drug induced depending on the site of drug delivery. The resolution of symptoms with methylene blue are immediate which can be monitore by co oximetry and later on by SpO2. Cyanosis resolves by 15 to 30 min. The half life of methhb is around 55 min. So extended monitoring is required. Methylene blue can worsen methhb when given in high doses. PO2 is usually normal and may not be useful.

21 May 2017     10:32 am
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