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1 month ago

Niharika Netty

Anaesthetic implications in patients with HIV.

4 months ago


What is "black box medicine"?

5 months ago

Bharat kumar

Why there is early consumption of canister during low flow anaesthesia as the amount of co2 in exhaled is constant per breathe

Motaka mayur

Prone position concern in neurology

6 months ago


What is tube used specifically for fiberoptic intubation called

9 months ago

Supriya kar

Post operative nausea vomiting

1 year ago


Does perioperative anesthesia affect tumor progression? (Anesthesia and analgesia 2017)


What is overpressure and its significance?

Venkatesh p

In methemoglonbinemia once I v methylenebmethylene blue is given , how do we monitor the response to treatment? Clinical symptoms ?


What is peardrop phenomenon in laryngoscopy?


What is Harlequin phenomenon?


What is the difference between static and dynamic Functional residual capacity?

K hima bindu

Is sensitive oxygen ratio controller and oxygen ratio monitor controller the same??

Dr mohammed Riyaz mohiuddin

Hei is it strictly contraindicated to give spinal in patients receiving clopidrogel

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